[thelist] Web Developer Certification

Steve Lewis slewis at macrovista.net
Tue Nov 26 16:55:01 CST 2002

Eric Engelmann wrote:

> 1. If I list requirements as "JSP, Oracle experience" and your resume does
> not include those words, well, sorry.
> Your resume
> should definitely include as many matching experiences as you can muster
> within ethical boundaries. I highly recommend customizing your resume for
> key openings you REALLY want. Its worth the 30 minutes in MS Word to match
> it up as closely as possible. Not trying to be an a$$, just saying it like
> it is.

I don't mean to belittle you, but this is just an ignorant and insulting
  attitude.  There is no room on my resume (capped out at two pages
already) to list all of the IDEs I have used.  If that makes me
underqualified to use Frontpage than have a nice day.

More generally, you should not expect someone to customize their resume
to fit your position:  a) the only folks you will hire are those who
don't have much depth of skill and experience.   b) you are encouraging
people to tell you what you want to hear (or to be blunt: LIE) in their
resume.  If that's the way you run your ship, than I don't want to come

On the other hand you *should* modify your listings to request a resume
AND cover letter.  If the applicant can't write a cover letter that IS
written just for you, than circular-file it.  That is where the
applicant should spend 30 minutes in Word.

I'll say it again: COVER LETTERS should be used!  They should be written
for the recipient.  They should directly answer the needs of the
organization seeking to hire, and to the needs of the position to be
filled.  The resume should serve as a guide to where the applicant has
been and what he/she has done.

> table. (e.g. ASP has so many stupid oddities that there's no way someone
> could ramp up on the details in just a couple of weeks, on top of learning
> our process, coding standards, etc). It is unfortunate, but sometimes I have
really?  I wouldn't put money on that bet, but I know some talented folks.


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