[thelist] what is this scam?

David.Cantrell at Gunter.AF.mil David.Cantrell at Gunter.AF.mil
Wed Nov 27 08:26:01 CST 2002

>I would ve checked it out further if I had the time and ... interest. But
>serves us as a reminder a connected PC is very hard to 'enclose'.

This is an excellent point. I finally got a cable modem at home this past
August, and once the cable guy had it hooked up and left, I ripped the
ethernet right back out of my computer and ran it through an old Asante
router borrowed from a friend. I immediately blocked *all* ports and then
re-enabled those required to actually use the system. Since then I haven't
had any of these problems.

Now I just need to give this one back to him and go buy my own... :)


<tip type="broadband and firewalls" author="Dave Cantrell">
If you are going to get a cable modem or DSL service, do yourself a favor
and invest in a good hardware firewall router. You can get a decent one for
under $100 and it'll give you a warm fuzzy security-blanket feeling when
you're online. And it's not a piece of software sitting on your system
chewing up resources.

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