[thelist] Netscape and ASP 3.0, problem with Netscape 6.1

admin at silverwaterstudios.com admin at silverwaterstudios.com
Sat Nov 30 10:50:00 CST 2002

I have just released a new website for my business.  I have validated every
page using the CSE HTML Validator Pro v5.5.  All pages are clean with the
excepted of the DOCTYPE tag - which the validator says is not recognized due
to the fact that I reformatted it according to evolt article,
7.  All pages work well in IE 6 and Netscape Nav 4.0.  Every page also works
in Netscape 6.1 with the exception of the question.asp page.  I validated
the page and its include file.  All checked out, except the DOCTYPE tag as
mentioned earlier.  However,  the bottom links of the page don't show up
until you resize the page.  To see what I mean, visit
http://www.lightforcestudios.net/contact/questions.asp.  I checked and
double-check my asp and validated it's HTML.  I even commented all the code
out and still got the problem.  However, when I change the page to
questions.htm, I get no problems.  Any suggestions would be greatly


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