[thelist] Javascript help -- multiple popups from one source page

Daniel Frey danieljohnfrey at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 1 10:34:00 CST 2002


I gave your code a go, and it seems to be working fine.

I'm not sure if you're trying to do something different than that or

Daniel Frey


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Hi all --

apologies if this is basic for some -- javascript and
i don't really get along.

what i'm trying to do is pretty simple. i have a page
on which i want to link to several popups using a
script -- that is, link to a popup, then write some
more text, then link to a different popup. coding one
popup is fine, simple, whatever. but when i try to use
the script to open other windows elsewhere in the
document, i get a 'page not found'. i've avoided using
specific page titles in the head script, so i don't
know what to do. can someone point me to a code
example or show me how to open two different popups
from one page? source code is here:


thanks :)


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