[thelist] Rich Text Editors

Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Tue Dec 3 20:28:01 CST 2002

I have used the Opensource rich text editor:
 successfully on a couple of projects. Basically just to give non-web
staff ability to update pages (cringe).
Trouble is
    (1) It is IE only ( and IE 5.5 + only at that). I would like a
solution that is (reasonably) cross browser
    (2) The "code" it produces is awful. I would prefer better formatted
code from the output
All I really need people to be able to do is add ul and ol's paragraphs,
line breaks, links. No actual font formatting is needed
I am looking for a better *free* ;) solution , and am more than willing
to code my own. Anyone had success with any particular method, or shall
I just begin hacking .js code? (Please say no)

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