[thelist] ripp off -> sequel + request for help

carole guevin carole at pixeltable.com
Mon Dec 23 14:03:12 CST 2002

Hi everyone,

A month ago netdiver was ripped off (http://www.fly22.net/cool1.asp) - tx to
all who have reported this and tx to Pirated-Sites
(http://www.pirated-sites.com/) for featuring it (check the side by side

My initial mails went nowhere... since the site is written in chinese.
Recently the site owner added a *notice* and link to netdiver; tx to
Hadlina - I now know what it means: *if I receive a notice of copyright I
will take the site down*(sic)???... Pretty lame excuse... especially that
the css was ripped, the graphics were butchered and the content taken as
is... (http://netdiver.net/portfolios/portfolios11.php

But that's not the first time were ripped... and this, is a much worst
scenario. In 1995, we registered *netdiver.com* as both our company name and
domain. Guess what? The billing contact was the ISP, we didn't know and over
some problem (which we later solved and though we had tried to reclaim the
right to transfer it)... to no avail, the domain name was hijacked upon
expiry and resold...

The domain was held up by a squatter (we have tried through the years to
contact owners without success) until Nov 15 / 02
) when it was transferred to yet another owner and for the first time since
'97, a site is up... which is opening on this topic *Top sites for WEB
DESIGN* and the page title reading as: *netdiver.com: best sites for WEB
DESIGN* (http://netdiver.com) but when you click on a subsequent link on the
left - it looks like some kind of a directory listing... then you are taken
to another titling which says: *search results for INTERNET* and this title
appears on ALL pages except when you hit the *home* button...

If there is anybody that can help us it would be greatly appreciated; we -
think - they are possibly waiting for us to make a huge offer of money to
buy back the domain...

..PURe {{{ web + print }}} communication design  + http://pixeltable.com
...new media culture_magazine + design portal + http://netdiver.net

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