[thelist] WebEditpro - anyone used this?

Iva Koberg iva at livestoryboard.com
Sat Dec 28 19:11:01 CST 2002

>> Just been looking at WebEditpro at www.webedpro.com.
>> It sounds and looks very nice but I just wondered if any of
>> you have used it in practice for clients?

I haven't used it but just played with their demo out of curiosity (for
about a minute :) and it looks a bit too basic for a serious project.

I don't know what your specific requirements are, but this product does
not seem to get the concept of separating content from presentation or
separating concerns in general. Users can insert garbage like font tags,
set different link colors on different pages, insert tables for
presentation purposes whenever they decide...

I'd keep looking if you care about the quality of the markup, validity
of the generated code, separation of concerns or even just the
consistency of the design.

Iva Koberg

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