[thelist] Mambo Question

Christopher Joseph Christopher at ideadesigners.com
Tue Dec 31 04:11:01 CST 2002

Burhan said:-
	"Does anyone know in mamboserver how to get it so that it parses PHP tags
in the articles? Currently it won't display PHP commands, it will just
display a blank, but the software is based on PHP.  Any ideas?"

First - apologies my PHP is sketchy to say the least BUT I believe that
mambo simply uses <? echo $content; ?> in a class defined in
\classes\html\articles.php. Instead of dumping the article content stored in
the database to stdout you would need to parse it by using eval($content) -
i think that your $content would all have to be PHP code so if you went down
that route you would have to write your articles like this:

echo $header;
echo $somecontent;
//do some PHP stuff
echo $footer;

Maybe a better solution would be to write your articles in XML and then add
an XML parser to the articles class - you could then parse the data either
to stdout or to eval() etc. based on the XML tags.

Just thoughts - still too fat from the holidays here to think clearly


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