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Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Tue Dec 31 13:12:01 CST 2002

Kevin wrote

><tip type="Ettiquette">
>Usually when people post up questions looking for software that does X, or
>solution that does Y, they don't want a silly answer like a google URL.
thanks for the compliment :p

>People post to lists like evolt because they want people's opinions.
In this case there was no evidence any digging or research of any sort
HAD been done. From what I remember the question was "I need a CMS
system geared towards a small- medium sized newspaper" There was no
mention of  code types, hosting needs, experience or research already
undertaken. Fair enough to look for help, but I don't expect anyone to
do my research for me.

>The web is a great medium, but there's so much information out there it's hard
>to sort the wheat from the chaff sometimes
precisely, who knows what search terms the individual was using, or
where he/she was looking? It only took me a few minutes to find a few
open source projects that could have been downloaded and played with
that very day. Some other great links were posted that turned up even
more. Now the individual has a whole bunch of options, both free an open
source, using a wide range of technlogies, as well as a few good
opinions and experiences with which to help them make an informed choice.

>& getting timely advice from people
>who are experience is often far more valuable that spending years sifting
>through google results.
>- Kevin
Fair comment, and I've been there myself. Nothing like finding that
right answer after ages of searching. Still, the list is an open
community and I defend my right to post answers according to the needs
of the question. My offer of help this time was broad because the
question was broad. (I believe the list has undergone this discussion
before recently.) Don't like my offer, then press that magic "delete"
button and move on...

<tip type="Ettiquette">
If you are looking for a decent answer, please include relevant details
in your question such as technologies used, cost limits, solutions
already attempted, limitations you are under, and code if applicable.

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