[thelist] Designing ErrorDocs

carole guevin carole at pixeltable.com
Tue Dec 31 14:26:01 CST 2002

> > and worst, copy the content.
> If it's on the site they can copy it

I'm sorry they can make a *save as* of the page but recently netdiver
underwent bad-bad copycat - for instance when the *css* directory was
*opened* you could actually go and fetch the css... well a LOT of
freakin' work goes into building css... don't mind sharing - but ask

> I wouldn't recommend an automatic redirect, and certainly not
> as quickly as
> 5 seconds for a page with tiny print in a light color font.

It really doesn't matter to me if someone can read or not - since they
have reached a no-no directory - they are redirected to the what's new
page - or the top most page where the navigation is available.

> A simple link to "What's new" is sufficient.  I may be looking for
> something old.


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