[thelist] Designing ErrorDocs

carole guevin carole at pixeltable.com
Tue Dec 31 15:22:01 CST 2002

oh darn... darn and darn... just when I thought I was smart... give me a
strong drink someone (coffee preferably)

how does one set up to prevent the copying of the css (especially)? how
do you set up the 403...

> in that case why have a page display at all? maybe you should have a
> blank page display for 1 second or less and then redirect or
> just allow
> the standard "Directory Browsing Disabled" page display? or maybe a
> similar message?

I'm using dsl/cable speed and I still can *read* the message - unless
people are using higher bandwidth connection - my point is that a)  you
know you're not supposed to *go* there... b) the message is humoristic -
but the viewer most probably doesn't care c) I take it that our visitors
come to see the content and d) if they want to snoop... they can... gosh
these sites are not banks or other crackers' delights...


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