Need UK Connection (Re: [thelist] Anyone need a browser CD?)

Bruce Wilbur thelist at
Wed Jan 1 18:27:01 CST 2003

Timothy J. Luoma wrote:
> Egads no.... this was intended to be a highly informal offering folks....
> I've got 5-6 people who have expressed an interest, and one of them
> happened to be in the UK.... so I thought it would be more efficient to see
> if there was some bloke (or whatever the female equivalent of "bloke" is)
> across the pond who would make a Euro-copy cuz otherwise it will be 6-8
> weeks before it gets there from here.

How do you figure 6-8 weeks?  Are you sending it by trained dolphin?  Items I mailed from Rochester, NY on 18 Dec arrived in London and Leeds on 24 Dec. I did nothing special.  I just walked into the Post Office and said, "I'd like to mail these to the UK."

Two ounces each, (stuffed a CD inside a Christmas card) Airmail Letter Post was $1.60.  Interestingly, "Economy" Surface Letter Post for the same thing would be $3.80 and take 4-6 weeks.  It must be New Math or something...

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