Tip (WAS: RE: [thelist] ASP Highlight word function)

Ken Kogler kenkogler at kenkogler.com
Wed Jan 1 18:39:00 CST 2003

> (wrap?).

<tip type="evolt article URLs" author="ken kogler">

A long evolt article URL like this:

Can easily be cleaned up to this:

Which saves space, and generally won't wrap into two lines and break the
"clickability" of the link. Here's how you can make shorter links:

1) Get rid of the "www."
2) The title of the article can be replaced by
   anything you want, so long as it's *something*.
   I use "thelist" so that the server logs show
   where the traffic is coming from.
3) If it ends in "index.html", you can get rid of that, too.


Anyway, hope this helps someone...


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