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Martyn Haigh martyn.haigh at virgincosmetics.com
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Really sorry everyone - this wasn't meant for the list.

Apologies for the spam.

Martyn Haigh

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It seems that you can do a lot more for me than I for you!!

I'm emailing you in regards to your blatent sales pitch for QuantumCMS.  I'd
quite like to have a little look at it, see if it's the kind of thing that
we are looking for.  I've found some really good ones - but they are all so

Thank you again!

Martyn Haigh

Site Developer

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> From: Martyn Haigh <martyn.haigh at virgincosmetics.com>
> Does anyone know of a decent ASP driven CMS that is at or around
> £2,000 (notice £).  The system is going to be used for an intranet
> system, so non tech users are gonna use it - hence has to be easy to
> get around and to use.

here's a question --

do you need a full install, or could you get by paying substantially
less for a hosted model, where you pay a monthly fee and the
CMS and the site is hosted outside of your organization?

<pitch type="overt">
i ask with a bias, but if that can fly, contact me offlist and i'll direct
you to a demo of QuantumCMS, the CMS that Algonquin Studios
has developed (my company)... the UI is geared toward the kind of
user you cite...

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