[thelist] tabs v spaces

kristina ml at kfxdesign.net
Thu Jan 2 05:21:01 CST 2003

Thursday, January 2, 2003, 11:11:34 AM, Burhan wrote:

> 1. One key does the spacing (don't have to keep
> hitting the space key)
  HTML-Kit tabs are immediately convert to spaces
  - so still only using tab key.

  My preference is definately spaces (I have
  absolutely no idea why....!)

> 2. Tabs are easily adjusted. If I don't like the
> spacing, I just change the tab spacing in any
> editor and the page is reformatted without much
> in the way of a headache.
  thats true and not easy to reformat using the
  tab-to-spaces method.

> I always keep my files indented while uploading.
> That way, when I want to download them to edit,
> they are already nicely formatted.
  I do the same, as I find it immensely difficult
  to code 'untidy' code.

  But as I wasn't certain that uploading indented
  code was the best method I thought I'd see what
  other listers do.

  I think I have heard somewhere that code should
  be unindented on upload and to save having to
  re-indent keep an indented copy locally - which
  to me is just asking for a disaster...!

  But as Joel pointed out, I think the files would
  have to be gargantuan to warrant going to all
  the trouble of unindenting just to save a few

> Hoping this helps,
  it does indeed thank you


tia as always


ml at kfxdesign.net

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