[thelist] Rapid PHP development

mort manuel at netbustion.com
Thu Jan 2 07:05:00 CST 2003

Hi all,

We're in the design stage of a medium/large PHP/MySQL web application;
as usual, most of the coding will be of the 'read from DB / list results
/ view record / edit record / etc..' kind. Kinda boring.

I'm aware of the existence of many PHP application frameworks to relieve
the pain of reinventing this specific wheel once again. I've been to
freshmeat.net, hotscripts.com, etc.. and read all the blurbs. PHPLens
(http://phplens.com) seems the most promising but sadly it's commercial
and not cheap. Midgard seems too big and probably overkill, besides not
fitting in my 'learn in one day' scheme ;)

Can someone offer any advice on a worthy software for this task?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Un saludo
manuel en netbustion.com , logica en simplelogica.net
http://simplelogica.net <= Simplelógica, creación web

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