[thelist] Designing ErrorDocs

carole guevin carole at pixeltable.com
Thu Jan 2 08:53:01 CST 2003

hey Kevin,

> p.s. I have to add that trying to hide stuff on your site
> like this is mean. The web wouldn't be the medium it is today if
people couldn't
> look at the source and learn from others.  Fair enough you might get
> ripped of, but trying to hide your content restricts people from
learning from you
> they way you've learned from others.

looking at the source, is a way to LEARN... not to copycat; I do
encourage web designers to buy good books and join a list and read
through available information published on the latest development in ref
with css, web standards, etc. I think there is a well defined difference
between *learning* and *copying* and to become *professional* has to do
with one's capacity to generate new and improve web sites.

the rip(s) that we've had lately - are most annoying because a LOT of
time is spent reviewing sites and preparing CONTENT to be displayed on
netdiver. that someone would snitch that work and re_publish as if, it
was his own work is absolutely unethical and downright lazy.


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