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Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Thu Jan 2 10:29:09 CST 2003

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> > The best argument for using tabs is that they automatically line
> > things up in columns.
> the best argument for using spaces is that they don't
> please, let's don't allow this to escalate into a holy, um, skirmish

ahem, "please, let's not allow..."

Nice grammar.  :-)

<tip type="Cold Fusion Custom Tags" author="Joshua Olson">
1.  You can put subfolders under the main CF Custom Tags folder.  The first
time you request a custom tag it'll search the subfolders until it finds the
tag.  Then it'll store the complete path in the cache.  If you move a tag
file after that point, the server will through an error of "not found" until
after you restart the CF service.

2.  You can add multiple custom tag paths to Cold Fusion.  This is nice in a
multiply hosted environment.  You can set it up so that each site can then
contain it's own custom tag folder and therefore the user can manage their
own tags.  Add multiple search paths by modifying the registry (Windows

HKLM.SOFTWARE.Allaire.ColdFusion.CurrentVersion.CustomTags ->

Add another comma-delimited path to the value and restart the CF Service.


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