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If you're looking for a DB class than you don't need a full on framework.

I'd recommend you write the class yourself so it fits your needs exactly.
A little work upfront will save a lot of time down the road.

It's always nice (in my case) to be able to do:
for ($foo->getAllRecords() as $record) {
   // blah

or whatever is more appropriate for your application.  In terms of finding
a nice DB class to start with though, there is a very simple yet VERY
functional class called EzSQL and it can be found at:


<quote who="mort">
> Hi all,
> We're in the design stage of a medium/large PHP/MySQL web application;
> as usual, most of the coding will be of the 'read from DB / list results
> / view record / edit record / etc..' kind. Kinda boring.
> I'm aware of the existence of many PHP application frameworks to relieve
> the pain of reinventing this specific wheel once again. I've been to
> freshmeat.net, hotscripts.com, etc.. and read all the blurbs. PHPLens
> (http://phplens.com) seems the most promising but sadly it's commercial
> and not cheap. Midgard seems too big and probably overkill, besides not
> fitting in my 'learn in one day' scheme ;)
> Can someone offer any advice on a worthy software for this task?
> Thanks a lot in advance.
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