when is some too much? WAS RE: [thelist] Link Types

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Thu Jan 2 14:36:02 CST 2003


here is one thought and one question about accessibility.

1. although accessibility is good and all, at what point does it become
overkill? asked another way would be, is it really worth the time and
effort to make our "eXtreme Gymnastics" page wheelchair accessible?

that question of course is going to be taken by someone i'm sure as
meaning i hate people with wheelchairs. this of course is absolutely not
true and the thought should be removed from your mind if you are that
person. my question is honest and valid and not meant to do harm. it is
meant to have an open discussion about where the line gets drawn (or
where you think it should be drawn) between reasonable accessibility and

(yes i understand what sort of a war this might be, and yes i will be
glad to read interviews/articles/etc. on the subject.)

2. can someone point me to a webpage that is at the absolute limit of
accessibility as it stands today? i mean, i'm looking for a page that
someone would be able to say "man, you don't get any more accessible
than that!" i'd like to see what the source looks like for two reasons.
(a) to get a feel for how much extra code is used, (b) to see how i can
make my pages more accessible by using a real world example.

thank you for your time and KIND open minded comments.


p.s. please refrain from flames whether public or private. lively
discussion is what i'm looking for, not name calling. minds aren't
changed with name calling. in other words i'm open to having my mind
changed on this subject, however it's not going to work if you call me

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