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I had a similar conversation a few months back with someone who was
convinced that he shouldn't have to make his website accessible to unix
users, simply because his business, selling truetype fonts, caters to
users.  My partner, who has the most control over our finances, uses
and would have said no to purchasing from him because he would not have
been able to read the microscopic font size used on the site.

In your example, how do you know it isn't a blind parent searching for a
quality gym for a son/daughter?  How do you know it isn't an aunt/uncle
work at a unix terminal searching for a gift for a niece/nephew?

yes. this is where the line gets fuzzy.

i'm not arguing that i sholdn't make my site (regardless of what the
content is) accessible to different kinds of people. but where do you
drawn the line? and should i be required to do so?

what about religous and/or ethnic/cultural differences? easterners see
white as representing death (afaik) and westerners see black as
representing death. should there be two different websites based on
where the using is coming from (if it can be determined) as to not
offend or anyone or cause confusion? what about people that don't speak
my language? how many different languages should i support?

I personally use Lynx as a guide as to how accessible a site is.  For
average sites, I'd say a Lynx test is good enough.  If you've ever used
text only browser for real actual browsing, you'll appreciate a site
they actually put work into it to ensure it is accessible to the visual

i've never tried a text browser, but i'd be interested in seeing what it
looks like and how it works. can you point to any articles that describe
their setup and use? is it a *nix thing only?

don't get me wrong, i am interested in accessibility and think it's a
good thing.


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