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Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Thu Jan 2 15:31:01 CST 2003

first of all this is a super question, and one I have been thinking
about a little bit myself.

Chris W. Parker wrote:

>2. can someone point me to a webpage that is at the absolute limit of
>accessibility as it stands today? i mean, i'm looking for a page that
>someone would be able to say "man, you don't get any more accessible
>than that!"
Probably Mark Pilgrims site would be a good starting point

>i'd like to see what the source looks like for two reasons.
>(a) to get a feel for how much extra code is used,
For the sake of learning, I put together a template page for a website
we are developing and found that the extra code is actually negligible,
(it was a pretty basic page, and the extra code probably amounted to 20
lines - give or take) especially when using CSS, as it stops all the
confusion that can occur when screen readers try to make sense of
(nested) tables

>(b) to see how i can
>make my pages more accessible by using a real world example.
Again Mark Pilgrims site, as for "real world"  commercial applications,
I don't know of any yet. I would also second the use of Lynx (see rant
on my site:
http://members.evolt.org/bennettpr/comments.php?id=P11_0_1_0) as a
baseline for accessibility testing.

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