[thelist] Need Hosting Reseller Recs

Paul Cohen paul_cohen at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 2 16:10:01 CST 2003

Hello everyone.

I am going to move all of my webs to a reseller account in the next
couple of weeks.  I host a couple of business sites and do a little web
design and normally just host them under a sub-domain of my existing
accounts but have decided to move up in the world.

I am looking for recommendations for reseller providers.  My primary
concerns are cost, tech support (need 24hour) and reliability.  I also
need to run chron jobs nightly for specialized report running.  Let me
know if yours is any good and anything in particular I should keep an
eye out for when finding a provider.

As an aside, I think it is a bit confusing with all of the resellers I
have found.  With the DNS aliasing, I really can't tell who is a
primary provider vs. a reseller's reseller, if that makes sense.  It
starts to feel like a MLM scheme (i.e. don't be the last one to join).

Also, I am willing to take the info offline if we aren't allowed to
discuss commercial stuff on this list.  You can reach me at
rabbic at yahoo.com.



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