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Mark Gallagher fuddlemark at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 2 20:49:01 CST 2003


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>There is, however, one caveat to testing in Lynx... while Lynx shows you
>what happens when all of the fluff gets taken out, it doesn't alert you
>readability issues.

Good, important point.  In fact, one of my main excuses for using Lynx is
that it *removes* readability issues - I can get nice, large text, without
having to resize.  That, and the whole *nix geek cred thing <cough>.

If you use light-grey 10px Helvetica text on a white background, it doesn't
matter a damn how easy it is to read in Lynx.  Sometimes you've gotta make
your sites accessible to IE/Win users, too...

Mark Gallagher

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