[thelist] Outlook plain text IMAP messages suddenly all have attachments.

Liam Delahunty ldelahunty at britstream.com
Fri Jan 3 07:31:01 CST 2003

The esteemed carole guevin (.c) of http://netdiver.net fame said:

>Just so you don't think you're alone - I experience from time to time
>the same problem and shutting down the machine and rebooting usually
>solves the problem. So if anyone knows the *why* of this - pls share it.

Well that's a small comfort, at least I'm not alone!

My account is IMAP, as I view on it number of computers normally in Outlook

I'd had a quick peek using Outlook Express, and _may_ have had a butchers
while in a shell to the server with Pine. Though all of that may be entirely

Kind regards,
Liam Delahunty

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