[thelist] MS Word conversion to HTML

Liam Delahunty ldelahunty at britstream.com
Fri Jan 3 09:54:01 CST 2003

"Kevin" wrote 03 January 2003 15:33>

>I have a word document with about 20 pages. I would like to convert the
>document into 20 HTML pages based on its current format.

Well if it was that easy most of us would be out of a job... there's a few
ways, but you'll need to get stuck in by hand too. the following works
fairway nicely for me, and only takes a few minutes to produce fairly decent

In word save as HTML. How probably depends on what OS, what filters you've
installed and what version you're running, but for me (Word 2000), it's just
File > Save as web page.

However this produces really ugly html (as it's possible to reopen the HTML
page by Word and use that as the editable word document). Obviously if
you're here on evolt you want a better standard of HTML, so you should go
and get html tidy and run it with the word-2000 option.

This way you'll need to produce the actual 20 pages yourself and make them
link to one another, but please do consider that 20 a4/letter/legal pages
doesn't = 20 screens of info. The web pages should be shaped by their
content not their file size...


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