[thelist] Creating Tagged PDF from Word doc

Rob Sylvan rsylvan at attbi.com
Fri Jan 3 11:34:01 CST 2003

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> when you installed Acrobat, it should have also stuffed a little icon
> into your Word toolbar that runs your Word document through their PDF
> export feature, which retains bookmarks and adds TOC links...
> at least, that's what i've used...
> otherwise, printing to Distiller or whatever shouldn't work because
> it's just supposed to send print information, and those bookmarks
> aren't it...
> of course, that little icon in my Word toolbar has caused a lot of
> Word lock-ups and other unpleasantness, too...

Just to add to the above ... You'll also need to set the appropriate
checkboxes in Word before running the Convert to PDF macro.

In Word, from the menu bar, go to File -> Create Adobe PDF or Adobe ->
Change Conversion Settings (I've seen it both ways, don't ask me why)

In the resulting dialog box, click the Office tab and check the items you
want (notably "Cross-References & TOC links)

Then click the Convert to PDF icon.

Hope that helps.

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