Outlook QuoteFixRE: [thelist] turkey with all the trimmings

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Fri Jan 3 17:51:01 CST 2003


> From: Aleem Bawany
> > try reformatting the replies like i've done for 2+
> > years now.
> So how do you do it? do you have some kind of macro to
> paste the ><><><><><>.. seperators or some other
> streamlining trick or is it just painful labor. I'm
> really curios!

the separator is just a signature.  i can insert it into the message
wherever the cursor is by going to insert > signature > reply (the name i
gave it).  it's a simple matter of alt > i > s > (arrow key up or down until
"reply" is selected) > enter.  outlook express was even easier in that it
used the first letter of the signature name as the hotkey.  so it was as
easy as alt > i > s > r.

then, i go line by line and move any lines of text longer than my reply
separator to the next line, being careful to prepend each line i rewrap with
proper number of quote characters (>).

as i work my way through the message and my reply i may choose to break up
paragraphs into smaller chunks.  in those cases i'll insert a [...] at the
end of a paragraph that i'm removing some of the quoted text from or moving
some of the quoted text to another quote block.  alternatively, i'll insert
[...] at the beginning of a paragraph where i've either removed the first
part of the paragraph or this text is a continuation of some other quoted
text from the same paragraph.

i then finish my reply and insert the signature appropriate for where the
reply is going and i'm done.


jeff at members.evolt.org

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