[thelist] Win XP read only dir

Bob Haroche spambait at onpointsolutions.com
Sat Jan 4 14:33:01 CST 2003

> Basically the folders have a read only permission and when a folder is
> onto a CD the CD becomes read only and the files cannot be modified from
the CD.
> I think this is what was being asked!  Does this make any sense to anyone
and if
> so is there a solution?

None of my folders on Win2K are read only, but if I burn any of them to a
CD, they do become read only. That's just the nature of burning CD's. When I
need to modify the files on the CD, I copy them to my HD and then right
click to change the permission to turn off "read only".

If I want to copy the modified file back to the CD, I have to do that
through my CD burning software, unless when the CD was burned the "session
was closed", which prevents burning more data on that particular CD.

Bob Haroche
O n P o i n t  S o l u t i o n s

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