[thelist] CSS Image Borders/Padding & IE

Donald Noble donald at drnoble.co.uk
Sun Jan 5 09:00:02 CST 2003

Hi evolters,

I am having problems with IE's CSS support, as this works fine in Mozilla
(1.3a) and Opera (6/7b).

What I want to have, is an image with a 1px white border, then a larger
black border outside that.

my CSS is:
#art img {
	border:20px solid black; border-bottom-width:30px;
background-color:white; color:black; padding:1px;

the page in question is:
http://www.drnoble.co.uk/jean-noble/painting.php/rowan/ which is valid xhtml
1 strict & CSS2

is there something I am missing, or is IE just not supporting this (basic)
CSS, and is there another way to achieve this effect without wraping the
image in a div or similar and specifying boders for each...

cheers :Donald

  personal site: http://www.drnoble.co.uk
Hardware, Software, Custom built PC Systems

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