[thelist] How do I get around this?

evolt at headhouse.dk evolt at headhouse.dk
Sun Jan 5 09:48:01 CST 2003

Friends and fellow romans ... good people of the thelist list ...

This is my first post to this list ... so let me start out with a
thank you for having me here ... and for all the insight and
knowledge that flows into my mailbox.

Compared to most of you I am a mere amateur ...

My question is this: On http://www.fhp-inc.com I have recently
discovered a small problem. Small? Well ... apparently some people
can't get in. When they click on enter nothing happens.

There's a javascript behind it which should open a new window in a
fixed size. It works for me on Mac OS 9.2.2 with IE 5.1 and Netscape
4.08 thru 7.01. And it works on WIN 98 using Nertscape as well as IE.

But now I have been contacted by someone who can not get past that
first page ...

Could it be that a pop-up blocker causes it to fail?

How do I fix this? Any thoughts about how to get around it without
simply setting the URL to nextpage.html with target = blank? I would
like to keep the fixed size of the window and leave out the location
line and browser buttons and all ...

Actually i would like it to stay as it is ... without the problem of
people not being able to get in.

Oh .. and yes ... I have tried to make that pop-up center on the
monitor ... but I never succeded ... if someone can give me a hint on
that too ... I'll be happy as a kid on christmas eve.

Thanks for your time and patience


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