[thelist] How do I get around this?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 5 10:54:01 CST 2003

> From: evolt at headhouse.dk
> My question is this: On http://www.fhp-inc.com I have recently
> discovered a small problem. Small? Well ... apparently some people
> can't get in. When they click on enter nothing happens.

what browser/OS combinations?

> How do I fix this? Any thoughts about how to get around it without
> simply setting the URL to nextpage.html with target = blank? I would
> like to keep the fixed size of the window and leave out the location
> line and browser buttons and all ...
> Actually i would like it to stay as it is ... without the problem
> of people not being able to get in.

i really don't understand why you want this to live in an arbitrarily-
sized (to the user) window... on some sites, i can understand, they
are very artistic, the designer thinks the design needs to be
unfettered and feels that he/she has presented a UI that accounts for
lack of browser controls... i rarely think the designer is right,

that's not the case here... in fact, the lack of scrolling means i
can't even see all the content on the Midori page (in IE5.5, which is
odd since your script tells it to use scrollbars)... in N7, there's a
horizontal scroll on that page...

this site is a lot more usable to me when i right-click and open in
new window... i can see the address of pages, i can access the back

i would suggest you take a page out of .jeff's JS articles (Links &
JavaScript Living Together in Harmony,
http://evolt.org/links_javascript) and follow his approach to let non-
JS users (or pop-up blocker users) into the site, especially since
*not* having it in a pop-up, IMO, doesn't negatively impact the site,
and actually makes it more usable for me...

so your link goes from something like this:
<a href="#"

to something like this:
<a href="html/warn.html" target="PopUp"
s,width=730,height=550');return false;">

down the road, you can greatly improve the site by dumping your use
of DW and relying on less images per page... for instance, your
navigation could be plain text with a background image driven by CSS,
reducing overall page weight...

my latest book project:
  Web Graphics for Non-Designers
  ISBN: 1904151159

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