[thelist] fixed table header - scrolling table body

moni_orife mko at andrew.cmu.edu
Sun Jan 5 19:02:02 CST 2003

I’m looking for actual implementation methods of a table with fixed header
elements and a scrolling body.  I would like to see how it works & evaluate
the current support of these methods in the current browsers.

I recently received a request from a client who saw this behavior on the
windows update “installation history” page. [a screenshot of the
ehavior:  ] Microsoft developers seem to have found a unique way of keeping
me from seeing their source code - i’ve tried all the tricks i know :(  I
actually wonder if what i’m seeing on the page is actually markup or
vbscript or something else.

I’ve read James Aylard’s post: re: <thead> vs. <th>? (
http://lists.evolt.org/archive/Week-of-Mon-20020408/109168.html ) and the w3
recommendation ( http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/struct/tables.html ) that
essentially leaves it up to the browser to define the scrolling behavior if
any at all.  I haven’t come to any resources that show how to do this.

The application is a intranet/browser-based application that requires IE
5.5+.  I imagine this functionality is still relatively new and not being
widely used.

Can anyone help me with this?

 - moni

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