[thelist] Mixing Javascript with VB

Seth Fitzsimmons seth at note.amherst.edu
Wed Jan 8 15:36:01 CST 2003

> back to the drawing board :-(

Sorry to disappoint.  Here are a couple ideas to make up for it:
1) Have the link pass through a link tracker
(yoursite.com/track?d=newsite.com) that does an HTTP redirect - I think
this was your alternate idea
2) Have the onclick event create an image object (hidden, like
non-initial states for a rollover) and populate it by requesting a
tracking page (as above, but returning an image instead).

I'm not entirely sure what the behavior will be with #2, but I'm fairly
confident that the request will at least occur (allowing you to track
it) before the request for the destination link.  You're essentially
making 2 requests in place of one.

Good luck.

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