[thelist] CF MX dev edition for OS X

John Paul Ashenfelter maillists at transitionpoint.com
Fri Jan 10 09:47:00 CST 2003

While I'm a big fan of SQL Server, I'd suggest there are two solid database
choices for Mac OSX: MySQL and PostgreSQL. Haven't run PostgreSQL on OSX
yet, but shouldn't be too big of a problem to drop MSSQL unless your
applications are specifically designed for MSSQL.


John Paul Ashenfelter
ashenfelterj at transitionpoint.com
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> At 07:13 PM 1/9/2003, you wrote:
> >Very nice Erik, I as soon as I find an inexpensive and high-quality
> >equivalent to MS SQL Enterprise Manager + Query Analyser for the Mac (or
> >I am finally able to dump MS SQL for good) than I will be able to buy
> >that tiBook with the 17" display!
> Perhaps:
> <http://www.rtlabs.com/macsql/>
> Never used it, though.
> --Ben
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