Fixed but still concerned (was [thelist] Absolute Craziness!! )

Rob Smith rob.smith at
Fri Jan 10 12:39:01 CST 2003

To Chris,

Yes, it wasn't before, but all of a sudden the query string appeared.

To Aleem,

I have explicitly set IIS to not cache ASP Pages,

To Pete,

Everything is live on my Intranet. Nothing is local.

Mind you guys, I've not done anything in the past to mess this up. It was
working when I last left if a month or two ago. (I'm flying solo)


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> Like I said, it just started working again and I have no
> clue why it stopped in the first place.

Maybe IE was loading the page from the cache instead of the
server? I've had it do that many times. Ctrl+F5 forces it
to request a fresh page from the server, which sometimes


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