[thelist] Flash anim critique

Daniel Fascia danfascia at totalise.co.uk
Sat Jan 11 19:57:00 CST 2003

Thanks for the comments guys...

In response I have changed:

1) Increased frame rate so whole thing runs about
1sec faster - it is slicker.

2) Changed the red (on purple for the colourblind
amongst you... ) to yellow ochre, as per header

>Contact me off-list if you want to translate it into:
>  <oxymoron variant="double">
>    good American English.
>  </oxymoron>

Why on earth would a native speaker of the TRUE
English mother tongue want to ever learn to speak
American??? ;-))

thanks for the offer and help anyway...

and the copy was all provided by my client, as John
said earlier if she is happy with it I will shut up and get
my pay on Monday ;-)

Though I have to agree there is some verbosity and
a dearth of clarity in her writing style: it's not suited
to the web.

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