[thelist] Good introductory resources?

Robert Carpenter evolt at thebigcrux.com
Tue Jan 14 13:52:01 CST 2003

Wondering if anyone out there has some good recommendations of
books/sites/etc., for non-web developers/designers.

Context: next month I'll be collaborating with a colleague on a
(much-needed) re-build an existing site. He has good print design and
copy-writing skills, but no real background in designing or writing for
the web, and I'd like to get provide him with some resources so that
our collaboration can be a bit smoother.

I'll be doing the coding and site layout/image prep, etc., so I don't
need anything dealing with the technical aspects. I more concerned with
making sure he understands some basic concepts of usability, info
design, and the constraints of what does and does not work on the web
(i.e., why that nifty 4-color full page ad with the pretty gradient
background will not work as a design basis for a web site, or why the
500 words of copy from our brochure can't be cut and pasted into the
index page).

He's not planning a career shift to the web (that I know of!), but just
needs some clear and concise concepts for guidance. I've ordered Robin
Williams' "Non-Designers Web Book", wondering if folks have any other
good stuff to recommend.


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