[thelist] Domain whois PHP + Code

Andrew Maynes andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk
Wed Jan 15 12:19:00 CST 2003

without sounding as stupid as I am...

should I just add more servers to the $whoisserver or do I have to do more work
on this bit of code?

$query   = $domname."@".$whoisserver;

or to all of the code?

if($type == 'all' or $type == 'com')
      $comarray =
      $comcount = count($comarray);
      for ($i=0;$i<$comcount;$i++) {
         $domname = $comarray[$i];
         $query   = $domname."@".$whoisserver;
         $result  = "";
         $ns = fsockopen($whoisserver,43); fputs($ns,"$domname\r\n");
         while(!feof($ns)) $result .= fgets($ns,128); fclose($ns);
         if (eregi($whoisnomatch,$result)) { dispav($domname); } else
 dispun($domname,$whoisserver); }


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