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Rob Whitener rwhitener at DesignOptions.com
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If you can store the text as text only without any HTML, then as you pull it
from the database you will be able to format it with HTML when you process
the page.

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quoth Andre Genic:
> I need help with a project, what I need to do is to show the first
> paragrph of a news story, say there is a 5 paragraphs is there way to
> only get it down to the short version with php? or is it better just
> to copy and paste the first para into another field in my table and
> just display that and then ad a link to the full story, much thanks.

Depending on whether or not there's HTML in your body text field, it
might prove more difficult than it's worth to try to get the first
"paragraph" out of a large chunk of text. It's much better to do the
latter... That way, you can also customize the summary rather than
relying on the first paragraph of the story to contain all the relevant

shawn allen

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