[thelist] HTML Kit vs. HomeSite and TopStyle

Tom O'Dea todea at escape.com
Fri Jan 17 18:37:00 CST 2003

> I don't see an xhtml editor has a place for large tables, so while I
> agree it's not there I don't miss it, and if I really wanted one there
> are dozens of tablemakers out there that I could link to via the
> external programs feature.

Tables are not evil even in xhtml. They are still useful for displaying
tabular related data. Why not just include a table dialog/wizard. I still
use tables almost every day.

> Not even with the quick launch? (keyboard shortcut ctrl-q plus letter(up
> to 26) and replacement tokens, which allow you to set up a script
> snippet and prompt for all variables?
> In that case you'll have to wait for TS4.0 - which apparently will have
> scripting support

This is the major drawback TopStyle does not have full scripting support
right now. Sure you can setup your own quick insert items but even with the
prompts for variables it's not as useful as HomeSite's features. In HomeSite
if you want to insert say a meta tag. You can type in <meta> then right
click and you have all your attributes available in a drop down. That is
much simpler and easier to use then a simple prompt that looks for a value.
Especially if you want to go back and edit that tag.

> Nope, look again at the html insight feature.
> All you do is start the tag <img and then insight comes up allowing you
> to select all attributes one by one and select an image file, when it
> will auto calculate the width and height attributes.  choosing class (or
> typing it in any tag and waiting) will bring up the insight tool with a
> list of all associated styles from the linked stylesheet for you to
> pick.
> works in a similar way with links, type <a and you get attributes,
> choose href and you get to select a url.

I see what you're saying but I still think a dialog is much easier and
faster to use then the little tag insight feature. With a dialog all the
options are layed out right there on one window. With the insight your
hopping from one attribute to the next choosing values or typing values.

I am always going back to an img tag and chaging the img source, with
HomeSite it takes 2 seconds right either change the image source file or
choose a new one then just click recalc size.

It just makes sense, I can't live without that feature. I don't know why
TopStyle does not implement the same functionality with the same ease of
use. Is it trying not to be HomeSite and/or trying to avoid bloatware?

I want to use TopStyle just because of it's better support for xhtml and css
but because of these issues we've been debating I'm not going to start using
it yet. I'll probably wait to see how v4.0 turns out.


> > I know how to hand code my html and css but that doesn't mean
> > I want to be
> > doing it all day especially at work when something needs to be done
> > yesterday. The editor should have commonly used functions available to
> > quickly insert code.
> It does - with the snippets you get to create insertable code styled the
> way you want, you also have the option to create an immense selection of
> keyboard shortcuts, for auto text.

Here you're referring to the quick insert? I still think there should be an
img, table, div, and href buttons that when clicked give you respective
dialogs with attribute input fields.

You say to each is own but can you honestly say that inserting an img, a
link or a div in TopStyle is easier or faster than HomeSite. I don't think
so and to me that's what it all boils down to, speed and ease of use.

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