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James Q. Stansfield jqs at iridani.net
Mon Jan 27 12:16:01 CST 2003

    Tell me about it... I work for TMC, and one of our sites
http://www.autotrader.ca has this problem exactly.
    The entire content of the website is index nightly. Unfortunately for us
the DB has to be written out to 60k+ text files with META data written in to
represent the fields we want indexed. Then the website searches against the
index for the results you see on the web.

    Take my advice, find another way! Cache frequent queries to the DB
etc... But for data that changes daily (or more) and requires indexing via
M$ products, don't do it. I've living in a nightmare from a previous
outsourcing co's 'solution' to a problem.

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> Thank for your response Wade, but I don't think I can index dynamic
> content with Index Server.
> I have 1 asp file which displays the product page for all products.

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