[thelist] Link Etiquette

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Jan 28 16:43:42 CST 2003

Rob Smith asked:

>>My question on Linking Etiquette is do you have click here, click here,
>>click here, or should you just link the adverbs, various nouns, pronouns,
>>etc. I know this is an obvious answer, but prison me for eVolting!

Hi Rob,

Oh sure - now I wish I had saved the link!  I just saw a nice site
referenced over at SIGIA-L that had very nicely done links using small
sized verbs over larger nouns.

D'oh! <quickly scans searchable archives />  Here it is:

The 'circling' on the selected link provides a nice 'you are here' effect
as well.


(Who has now 'archived' the link for future reference.)

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