[thelist] crash course in PHP/MySQL

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Tue Jan 28 22:41:01 CST 2003


> From: Paul Bennett
> > fwiw, cfmx is already available for mac osx so your
> > migration to php is unnecessary.
> gee and only $899USD per processor. No wonder he wants
> to use php and mysql

well, if he's going to be spending $2,200 for a low end box or more
realistically $4,000+ on a "capable" machine (that has very little real
world testing to prove whether it's actually capable or not), what's another
$900.00 (or $1,800.00 if he decides to kick down for a dual processor
machine) so he can have a box outfitted properly that'll have the necessary
software to transition his existing clients (who are already running
coldfusion) with minimal effort?  there's something to be said for immediate
return on investment.  i'd bet he could make the expense back in immediately
accruable hosting fees.  the same couldn't be said for buying the box,
installing mysql and php and trying to run with that.  all his cf clients
would have to stay where they are and he couldn't leverage any more hosting
income from those accounts than he's leveraging right now.

> > i hear php for traitors is a good one.
> Oh please, not the "my language is better than yours
> holy war"

you obviously don't know me very well.  i'm not the kind to get involved in
a holy war.  i simply use the tools that are best suited for the task at
hand taking my skillset into consideration.  the fact that coldfusion
happens to be in that skillset is completely irrelevant from my remark

fwiw, that comment was in jest (as i'm sure erik is aware as are other
members of thelist from offlist comments i've gotten already) since erik
already has about 5 years coldfusion experience under his belt and is, right
now, considering a move from coldfusion to php.  if he wants to make the
move then more power to him.  however, i personally couldn't justify the
expense of picking up any new, major skillets that didn't complement my
existing skills -- i.e. php, perl, asp, midget juggling, etc.

on a final note -- no matter what any php apologist says, coldfusion *is*
better than php ....

.... for me and that's all that matters.


jeff at members.evolt.org

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