[thelist] Flash player penetration ...by country (Europe)

John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Thu Jan 30 14:33:20 CST 2003

At 5:05 AM 1/30/3, Francois Jordaan wrote:
> I've been able to find Flash penetration statistics broken
> down by continent, but I need to get figures for Europe,
> by country... Anyone know of published statistics, or possibly
> results from their own logs? Or anecdotal information?

I don't, sorry. Four times a year NPD/MediaMetrix tests whether their
regular consumer focus groups can immediately view various types of content
in their current chosen browser, but these are the only real viewership
statistics I've seen out there.

NPD tests 2000 people, with an overall margin-of-error of 5%. When you get
into subsamples, such as by region, then the size would naturally decrease
and the margin increase. That's why I'd recommend using those numbers as
reflections of the general state of affairs, rather than as predictors for
a specific affair. (ie, rate of Flash 6 adoption has been rapid... more
consumers can see WMP than QT, eg.)

What, exactly, do you need? Are you being presented with a client question
like "How many of the people who visit my site will need to install
something?" If so, then a good tack is to look at your server logs tests of
current capability, and compare this (when possible) with the technical
abilities of similar sites who you'd like to have as your audience. You
might have general consumers, or you might have a business audience, or
some other institutional audience, or adventurous folks or conservative
folks... could vary with exactly who you're trying to deliver to.


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