[thelist] CSS + Netscape 4.7 HELL

MaKo shark at mako4css.com
Sun Feb 2 12:51:00 CST 2003

You could also try to have a second stylesheet for NN4.xx that helps you
to achieve a similar looking site. In the end, it is not *that* much of a
problem, especially if you develop it from the beginning.

A big portion of the medical, educational and governmental sector are
using NN4.xx - and backward little companies like Boeing, for example....

Perhaps you could provide an URL so that has a chance to look into the
styles, or you could take a look at http://www.mako4css.com/Issues.htm

-- Thanks,


...just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...

"Anthony Baker" <lists at thinkbigideas.com> wrote in message
news:001501c2cae3$84154a90$210110ac at BigGuy...
> Hey All,
> I have an issue.
> I have completed the design of a website for a client
> of mine that's authored in CSS/XHTML. The sucker works
> great on all current browsers, but NOT on Netscape 4.7.
> I informed her early on that the site was going to be
> built to standards, and that Netscape 4.7 was old as
> well, non-compliant, and fewer and fewer folks were
> using it. (Of course, I didn't get this all in writing
> in the contract.)
> Now, she's had a total of TWO people say that they can't
> view the site on Netscape 4.x and wants to make sure that
> it's designed so they can.
> The thought of this is driving me nuts. I've already told
> her that if it's done, they're going to get a dumbed-down
> version of it that does not look or work like the site
> everyone else is going to see. Frankly, I don't want to
> do anything for this at all. I'd like Netscape 4.x users
> to get a life and UPGRADE for God's sake.
> So, I can either:
>  (1) Convince her I'm right and offer an upgrade page
>      for Netscape users
>  (2) Suck it up and create a mirror/Netscape 4.x version
>      of the site
> Any suggestions? Anyone ever deal with something like
> this?
> Oh, and I'd also like to get off my chest: I HATE having
> to jump through hoops based on the email of two people.
> Aggghhhhh.
> Thanks,
> Anthony
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