[thelist] Order of attributes in META tag

Roger Ly rogerly at bareviking.com
Tue Feb 4 20:51:01 CST 2003

>Honestly, I'm not really sure if they can or can't, but IMHO, it would
be >wise to stick with the popular method of ordering the meta
attributes: name >or http-equiv BEFORE content.

Yeah, I know, but the application that spits out the attributes uses
some funky-fresh XSLT transforms on some data and when it spits out the
attributes, my library actually spits out the attributes as they are
stored in memory.  In this particular case, the attributes are stored in
a hash table and so I have no control over the order in which the
attributes are dumped to the HTML.  It looks like in this case, the name
attribute hashes after the content attribute.  Maybe it's time to rework
the library.

I just want someone to say, "Hey dummy, it doesn't matter!  We all write
good parsers that don't care about the order of meta attributes, so go
ahead and work on something a little more important... like speed and
memory issues."



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