[thelist] Re: <tr> height

Ken Kogler ken.kogler at curf.edu
Tue Feb 4 22:10:00 CST 2003

>> Especially considering the fade is purely cosmetic, it
>> is best implemented as a background image for a block
>> rather than inserted inline with no content value.
>> Also, this way fade.gif can be 1x10 instead of 720x10, saving load
>> time.
> the 1x10 will have a very negative impact on machines with a low-end
> video card.  it'll bring the machines to a slow crawl as it tries to
> tile that image 720 times across that expanse.

Plus the image is just over 3Kb. That's a tolerable bit of bloat for

> (why use tables?)

A pure XHTML/CSS design is out of the question. The people who will have
to run/maintain this site don't have the technical competence to do
*ANY* html or css without Dreamweaver holding their hand through it...
They also don't want to be bothered with keeping up to date on web
standards, browser quirks & compatability, etc... It was hard enough to
get them to allow me to write it in XHTML.

That being said, I still can't get NN6 to show this right:

http://test.curf.edu/evolt/ (ignore the border)



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