[thelist] Wireless web application (was: Its been 3 years...)

Aaron Webb aaronw1000 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 6 10:32:43 CST 2003

>What If?... A sales rep in the field had a wireless internet
>PDA/Phone and could access that information.  So I asked my self if
>there was a way to access my rep database from a wireless handheld
>and get instant info.
Oh but they can...well maybe.  I had a webapp similar and it took only a few
moments to modify the XHMTL page and style sheet to deliver the content to a
3G phone and a bit more time to write XSLT to convert it to WML for the
other 2G phones.

>I realized just now by your comment "Mobile app?" that java
>technology could do this.
If you're wanting to develop a J2ME type app to run on an enabled phone
that's a different story.  I guess it depends on your market.  I don't think
penetration of java enabled phones in the US market is very good right now
but definitely improving.

>I'm not exactly sure of the % of people in the world surf the web?
>on their mobile? looking for our products? are.
Well me...but I'm a geek.  Most people I know don't even know how to access
the wireless web on their phone.  Does anyone have any statistics on this?
I'd be interested as well.

>Or better yet, I'm driving down the road and I want to check my 401k
>(from my non-existent cell phone) from our Intranet.
I believe this is a whole 'nother set of problems involving WAP gateways,
etc seeing that your intranet server would not be accessible probably to
your providers gateway.  Personally, I can't see checking 401k a big hit for
wireless...stock quotes but not 401k but that's just me.

>Just wanted to know how much I could utilize, how difficult or steep
>the learning curve is, would it be worth my time investing into. The
>only reason I'm truly curious about it, is its one of the few
>technologies I'm not familiar with; and it seems to be a popular one
>(in some circles).
Yes I'm biased to java but like I mentioned earlier it may not be hard to
enable your current app to handle it.  Java can have a steep learning curve
depending on experience but it is a great technology.


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