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Thu Feb 6 18:00:02 CST 2003

[Erik Mattheis wrote (gozz at gozz.com) on 1/28/03 5:24 PM]

> I'm redesigning/reorganizing a site that gets the #1 or #2 result for
> many pertinent searches ... and I of course want to keep the rankings.
> But the reorganization of the site will require the document to move to
> another location. The new site will use a 404 handler to redirect
> visitors (as well as serve all the content) ... and I'd like to remove
> the "old files".

not a good idea.

> My quandary is that  DMOZ.org implies that having identical documents
> in multiple locations may throw up a penalty, and have read elsewhere
> that if a request redirects the browser to a different location, this
> may completely remove the listing. So I seem damned either way.

you can set up redirects and file a request with dmoz that they change the
url of any pages of yours that are in their db.

> The new site will have identical content (but different code) ...
> dunno, do any voodoo scientists want to speculate on what the best plan
> of attack would be?

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